Essay on Domestic Violence Informative Outline

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Domestic Violence


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According to statistics found by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Every nine seconds a woman is abused by her husband or intimate partner. At least 1 in every 4 women and 1 in every 9 men have been beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise abused in their lifetime. Most often the abuser is one of their own family. Domestic violence is a problem that somehow affects every one of us in this room at some time and is actually the leading cause of injury to women -- more than car accidents, muggings and rapes combined.

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On average it takes a battered woman 7 to 10 times to actually leave their partner, but this is not a set number. It can take a woman 40 times before she actually leaves. This is due to mental issues caused by this way of living.
· According to Walker's The Battered Woman Syndrome (p. 95-97, 1984), there are four general characteristics of the syndrome: --The woman believes that the violence was or is her fault. -- The woman has an inability to place responsibility for the

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