Domestic Violence : Intimate Partner Violence

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Domestic Violence: Intimate Partner Violence
Healthy People 2020
Intimate partner abuse describes physical, sexual, and psychological harm by a current or former partner or spouse (Fanslow, McMahon, Saltzman, & Shelley, 2002). Healthy people 2020 recognizes physical violence among intimate partners as a topic that should be addressed concerning injury and violence prevention in the United States (Healthy People 2020, 2014). Intimate Partner Abuse is an issue that often affects entire families, not just the person that is being abused. Several historical studies attempt to make a connection between intimate partner abuse and homeless. Browne 's research showed that 50 percent of the homeless women interviewed were the victims of abuse at some point in their life (Browne, 1993).
There are often misconceptions concerning intimate partner abuse. Many individuals believe that there is no risk to them-selves, but it is important to remember that domestic violence can happen to anyone of any age, race, or gender (Henning & Renauer, 2005). While any person can be the victim of intimate partner abuse, women are often targeted most (Degutis, Frieden, & Spivak, 2010). According to a Center for Disease Control (CDC) survey, prevalence of domestic abuse among women in the United States escalated to approximately 42.4 million women (Degutis, Frieden, & Spivak, 2010). Of the 42.4 million women in the survey, some experienced physical or sexual assault, rape or stalking by an intimate…
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