Domestic Violence : Intimate Partner Violence

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Domestic Violence: Intimate Partner Violence Healthy People 2020 Intimate partner abuse describes physical, sexual, and psychological harm by a current or former partner or spouse (Fanslow, McMahon, Saltzman, & Shelley, 2002). Healthy people 2020 recognizes physical violence among intimate partners as a topic that should be addressed concerning injury and violence prevention in the United States (Healthy People 2020, 2014). Intimate Partner Abuse is an issue that often affects entire families, not just the person that is being abused. Several historical studies attempt to make a connection between intimate partner abuse and homeless. Browne 's research showed that 50 percent of the homeless women interviewed were the victims of abuse…show more content…
While women are often the victims of intimate partner abuse, the CDC survey found that men are increasingly reporting abuse (Degutis, Frieden, & Spivak, 2010). Approximately 11.2 million men have reported physical or sexual abuse, rape or stalking by a domestic partner (Degutis, Frieden, & Spivak, 2010). Intimate partner abuse is a sensitive social topic as well as an important topic with respect to health care and community nursing (Svavarsdottir, 2010). Nurses should be well aware of the signs and symptoms of intimate partner abuse, but its detection can often be difficult. Specific assessment protocols are often useless in detecting abuse because each situation of intimate partner abuse varies (Svavarsdottir, 2010). While identifying victims of physical abuse is difficult, it must be done to implement interventions to assist these victims. Nurses and health care professionals must be prepared to identify these individuals. In addition to identification of victims of intimate partner abuse, healthcare professionals must be diligent in education, which could prevent future incidences of intimate partner abuse. Assessment Intimate Partner Abuse continues to be an issue in communities across America. Using assessment to identify issues is one of the key ways community nurses will help solve this community health issue (Recognizing Domestic Partner Abuse: With its Daunting Complexities, the Path to
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