Domestic Violence Is A Coercive Behavior That Involves

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Domestic Violence is a coercive behavior that involves a physical, psychological or sexual attack perpetrated by individuals against their partner or former partner. Examples include physical abuse, for instance, slapping, beating, and strangulation among others. Sexual assault includes threats, forceful sexual acts, and use of physical force. Psychological abuse may involve excessive jealousy, intimidation, harassment or stalking among others. In the United States, 20 people are physically abused every minute, 20,800 cases are reported daily in hotlines and majority of the victims are females aged between 18-24 years (National Coalition against Domestic Violence, 2015). Issues pertaining to violence at home are regarded as a societal…show more content…
Floyd Mayweather, a high paying boxer has been accused of domestic abuse on many occasions, but the news is always stifled because of his fame. He disagreed with his wife on child support in 2001 and swung a car door at her that hit her on the head and went ahead to punch her three times (Holter, 2015). It is unfortunate that World Boxing Federation does not have clear regulations that restrict players from committing violence at home.
There is a misconception that athletes and footballers are prone to domestic violence. According to the National Coalition against Violent Athletes, there have been 19% incidents of sexual abuse, and 35% accounts of domestic violence by athletes declared in college campuses at any given time (Woods, 2015). According to statistics, the NFL had the highest arrests of the perpetrators of abuse with 2014 recording 2,466 arrests, the NBA at 2, 157, Baseball at 553 and lastly Hockey at 175 (Tracy, 2014).
The difference between domestic violence at home and in sports is that in the former, the abuse may be endured in silence since there is no empowerment to speak up against it. They might also have been intimidated and threatened that in case they report they might be harmed or even killed. In sports, it often involves professionals, and the spouse intends to shame them for their heinous crime. There are mechanisms put in place to report such cases which make it easier for them. However, there are also partners who are
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