Domestic Violence Is A Crisis

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Every day most of us go about with our eyes closed towards the crisis of domestic violence. A study done showed that every nine seconds a women is beaten or assaulted (“Statistics”). The time that it has taken you to read to this point is the time it has taken for a women to be hit by this crisis. Yet, so many think that the concern for domestic violence is over-exaggerated. Many think that there are so many other epidemics going on that should take precedence over domestic violence. Besides worrying about these epidemics, it also can be hard to determine who really is a victim. Therefore, why should we spend time on this, when we could be directing more attention to the other occurrences? However, domestic violence is starting to become…show more content…
Therefore, why shouldn’t we set our focus on the other devastating happenings occurring? Throughout our country, this is a common feeling among many people. Why is domestic violence a common concern when there are these other worries? Besides knowing these other epidemics, there is another common thought that concludes with people thinking domestic violence is over-exaggerated: being able to determine who is actually abused and who isn’t is a very difficult question. There are many factors that play a part in deciding. Pamela Biron is an author of many blogs that relate to dealings within a family, such as domestic violence, child abuse, alcohol addiction, and more. Within one blog called “False Allegations of Domestic Violence in Divorce Cases”, she explained many statistics and facts that either a man or women had lied about that had to do with domestic violence. One study showed, “Fathers ' organizations now estimate that up to 80% of domestic violence allegations against men are false allegations. Furthermore, 70% of restraining orders are trivial or false” (Biron). The reasons for these false allegations are simple. Many people lie because there are an incredible amount of sources that can help a victim, including legal support, counseling, employment services, financial assistance, services for children, or health-related services. These services are easily attainable if you can prove to be a victim. Yet, being able
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