Domestic Violence Is A Trauma That Affects Families Of All Income Levels Essay

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Domestic violence is a trauma that unfortunately affects families of all income levels (Sampson, 2006). Although Socioeconomic Status (SES) does not determine if domestic violence will occur in a specific community, those in low SES communities have a much greater chance of experiencing domestic violence (Imbery, 2014). Sampson (2006) reports that men and women who are young, African American, from low-income communities, are renting their hoe or apartment, and are either divorced or separated are at the highest risk of domestic violence. It is reported that in low-income communities, there are more frequent reports to police in terms of domestic violence when compared to higher-income communities (Sampson, 2006). Of these calls to police, the reports from low-income communities are typically more violent and require police enforcement to dispute resolution between the victim and offender. Not only do the survivors of domestic violence in low SES communities face issues in their homes, but also this plays an important role in their success at work and their ability to receive medical attention. These men and women rely on the little money they receive from work and each other and feel trapped in their situation because of their lack of financial resources (Imbery, 2014). Survivors of domestic violence do not receive proper medical and psychological care because they cannot afford the treatment and time off from work. Some states have banned cities from passing paid leave

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