Domestic Violence Is A Widespread Social Problem Affecting Women, Men, And Children

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Domestic violence is a widespread social problem affecting women, men, and children. This phenomenon cuts across cultures and social strata, increasing the likelihood for psychological and emotional issues for the victim and family members. Waldman, Finzi-Dottan, and Weintraub (2013, p. 57) affirm from their findings, "Abused women are not a homogenous group, and the repeated traumatic events throughout their lives may result in formation of insecure attachment patterns and PTSD which consequently, may impact their perceived parenting." In other words, domestic abuse victims may suffer long-term consequences, which can ultimately affect their parenting as well. It is concerning when children are exposed to domestic violence because of the potential disruptions in psychosocial development and the increased chances that they too will become perpetrators of violence. Litrownik, Newton, Hunter, English, and Everson (2013, p.60) concluded from their research findings "that while studying the relative exposure to community versus family violence, it was found that family violence was more likely to be associated with child problems." The Couunsel r of Sexual Aassault and Domestic Violence (CSADV) provides services throughout the Woodbury County region in Iowa to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. This agency is a non-profit agency that is dependent on government funding and grants. Because of the recent cuts in state and federal spending, the CSADV is struggling…
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