Domestic Violence Is Not A New Phenomenon

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Domestic violence is not a new phenomenon. It holds a long standing in Western culture and is an ongoing societal problem claiming millions of victims each year. Early approaches to domestic violence was constructed under the 19th century English common law, believing that under such laws a man was permitted to discipline his wife through physical punishment. Michelle Collins (2012), notes that in order to understand the impact society has on domestic violence or vice versa, it is important to define such violence. Domestic violence refers to patterns of abusive and threatening behaviours within a home which includes psychological, physical and emotional abuse. It is a distinct crime against the state, not only affecting the individual involved, but also affecting the community. Historically, domestic violence was overlooked and the state held little responsibility and intervention based on the idea, that domestic violence was a “private family issue rather than a crime” (Bourg & Stock, 1994, pg. 178). However, as crime evolves from one historic period to another, there have been developments to form prevention methods in order to curtail domestic violence. Considering the complexity of this crime, a series of studies and theories have been established to better understand the causation of domestic violence and how to prevent it. Extended research and data have empowered and shaped social institutions to respond in particular ways that will combat this growing epidemic. This…

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