Domestic Violence : Policing Coercive Control

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The badly bruised women sprinted away from her husband as he threw objects at her head. The women reached for the phone and quickly dialed for help. The battered women was out of breath as she sprinted out of the door towards the sirens. The women is safe for now however she refuses to file charges against her husband who has a history of violence. All across the United States, domestic violence causes havoc on families directly and indirectly. Moreover, domestic abuse not only affects the victims it also has a profound effect on the children. Battered women are faced with uncertainty as they struggle to survive. In the article Stark, E. (2009). Rethinking Custody Evaluation in Cases Involving Domestic Violence reviewed the court system…show more content…
(Stark,E 2012). The court system also struggle with addressing domestic violence.
Since the 1970’s domestic violence against women has been a huge issue in the United States. In fact, battered women flocked to safe havens within local shelters that were created to protect them and their off spring. (Stark,E. 2012). It was determined that domestic abuse had dangerously heighten during the 80’s, and special attention was essential to addressing the spike in cases. With law enforcers being on the front line, it was determined that they needed the training to spot and assess domestic cases. Unfortunately, many cases were not simply cut and dry cases. It appears that the offenders mastered tactics which masked abuse against their partners. Physical abuse that was once an obvious and domineering sign was now replaced with a new type of abuse. This abuse crippled the victim by mentally incapacitating their victims. Such tactics are known as Coercive Control. According to Stark, this type of control uses psychological and emotional tactics in order to control the victim into doing what they wanted. (Stark, E. 2012). In fact, 40- 89% of women are under coercive control in many domestic cases. Some scare tactics used attempt to isolate, degrade, exploit, and control the victim. In comparison, Stark discussed in his article “Rethinking Custody Evaluation in Cases
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