Domestic Violence : Policing Coercive Control

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The badly bruised women sprinted away from her husband as he threw objects at her head. The women reached for the phone and quickly dialed for help. The battered women was out of breath as she sprinted out of the door towards the sirens. The women is safe for now however she refuses to file charges against her husband who has a history of violence. All across the United States, domestic violence causes havoc on families directly and indirectly. Moreover, domestic abuse not only affects the victims it also has a profound effect on the children. Battered women are faced with uncertainty as they struggle to survive. In the article Stark, E. (2009). Rethinking Custody Evaluation in Cases Involving Domestic Violence reviewed the court system and the effect domestic violence has on families. In addition, another article written by Stark, Stark, E. (2012). Looking Beyond Domestic Violence: Policing Coercive Control. Journal of Police Crisis Negotiations, 12(2), 199-217, addresses the avenues law enforcement faces with domestic violence. I will compare and contrast two articles that addresses the implications of domestic violence on adults as well as on children. Unfortunately, law enforcers are blind to the patterns of domestic abuse. Often time domestic violence proves to be difficult to detect by the human eye. Many factors play into the role of determining how seriously law enforcers handle domestic violence cases. Although aggressive policing has contributed to a decrease…
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