Domestic Violence, Racial Socioeconomic Disparities, And Racial Labeling

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As we constantly hear of professional athletes being involved in domestic violence and other violent crimes, it is important to notice a trend. There is always some athlete being accused of some form of domestic violence. True sociological issues need to be addressed when violent issues such as the O.J. Simpson case arises. Simpson was influenced by a variety of sociological factors that created him into a violent person, such as the way in which African Americans are portrayed by the media, racial socioeconomic disparities, and racial labeling, that are all still evident in our society today. Born Orenthal James Simpson, on July 9, 1947, Simpson was raised by a single mother also raising two other children. Simpson grew up in a largely black neighborhood, the Petrero Hill district of San Francisco. He joined a gang called the Persian Warriors when he was just 13 years old, and spent a week at the San Francisco Youth Guidance Center after getting in a gang fight in 1962. After being able to escape the clutches of the poor neighborhood he grew up in, Simpson went on to play collegiate football at the City College of San Francisco, then later at USC. After an extremely successful collegiate career, he became an NFL superstar, engulfed in fame and riches. Simpson had married Marguerite L. Whitley on June 24, 1967 and had three children with her. After one of their young daughters drowned in the family swimming pool, the couple divorced and Simpson went on to find and

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