Domestic Violence : The United States Department Of Justice

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Domestic violence is a single act or a pattern of cruel acts in any relationship that a partner uses to get or keep power and control over another partner. The violence can be sexual, physical, economic, emotional, or psychological actions or threats of actions that impacts another person. Any actions that manipulate, intimidate, isolate, humiliate, terrorize, frighten, threaten, coerce, hurt, blame, wound, or injure someone can be domestic violence (The United States Department of Justice). Other definitions: A survivor or victim is the individual who the abuse is aimed towards. An abuser or batterer is the individual who is imposing the abuse. Battering…………………………. Domestic violence is a real problem around the world. As a result, October is also recognized as Domestic Violence Awareness month, as well as, Breast Cancer Awareness month. The color representing Domestic Violence Awareness and victims is purple. According to Safe Horizon, most domestic violence incidents are never reported (Safe Horizon). That fact alone is very threatening to society. There are also many problems associated with domestic violence. The problem is not only for the victims, but for the families of the victims as well. There are circumstances and consequences of domestic violence that will be discussed as well. Let’s start off by explaining why the issue of domestic violence is an issue for victims. The facts are that 1 in 4 women will encounter domestic violence during her lifetime. Women
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