Domestic Violence : The United States Essay

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Every minute, twenty people are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States. According to the Natural Coalition of Domestic Violence, after one year more than ten million men and women become a victim of domestic violence. Every year someone new becomes a victim. Every year someone gets physically harmed or even death. Every year someone finds freedom from domestic violence.
Domestic violence is an act which one individual purposely harms another, usually someone they are close with, in order to please themselves or to get what they want out of it. Many American’s do not believe that domestic violence is a that big of an issue because many don’t hear or see it daily. The terrifying fact is that on average, one out of four women are domestically abused by their spouse. According to the New Choices, Inc. there are twenty-three warning signs that people are involved in a domestic relationship (Early Warning Signs of Domestic Violence). The majority of the signs including having the spouse being controlling and having to be in power. They are always having to know where the spouse is and if they think about leaving, that individual will either threaten them or threaten to harm themselves in order to make that person stay in the unhealthy relationship. The abuser is generally obsessed with power and control. If they do not feel like they are in control of their spouse or have a higher power than them, they will use the act of domestic violence in order to put…
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