Domestic Violence Viewpoints

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“Violent or aggressive behavior within the home, typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse or partner.” Domestic violence happens everywhere and anywhere across the world. 691, 710 nonfatal violent crimes caused by and intimate partner in 2001 (Domestic Violence: Opposing Viewpoints 18). It affects all of us in the worst way. There could be someone you know going through this and you wouldn’t even know about it. That’s why people need to be more educated about domestic violence. To know the signs and the red flags and help everyone around them, because sometimes you don’t notice people in difficult situations. Which leads to tragic outcomes. The victims get their life destroyed by someone they know. Losing hope for the future. Therefore,…show more content…
The cause of domestic violence is not too difficult to understand. The reason why people beat their intimate partner is because, one partner feels like they need to be superior against the other. They feel insecure and powerless, so they turn into violent behavior. Big life changed like becoming really ill or women getting pregnant can increase the chance to be in a domestic violence situation. Another reason may be going into debt, being unemployed, or losing something significant to one partner. (Joyful Heart Foundation). When a victim tries to leave, it could make their situation worse. By failing to leave the victim might feel more abandoned and hopeless. If we don’t change our ways, the situation will get worse. Statistics from domestic abuse have increased in mostly every end each year. If we don’t stop it, it will just increase and increase until somebody decides to change it. In the 1990’s there would be thousands or hundred thousands of victims. Now, each minute about 20-24 people are victims of physical violence. Which account for 12 million cases in a stretch of a year in the United States only. Now the question is how are we going to solve this.…show more content…
One strategy to fix this is to educate the public. Mostly the youth, because they are the future. By educating the public people will be more aware of the signs. To know if someone’s suffering from domestic violence or to know how to get themselves out of it. Most schools provide health classes that go over this topic for a few days, but I think they need more than just a few days to learn about domestic violence. I strongly feel that they should educate not just in schools but in jobs. To get across to the older generation too. Another strategy to help the victims is to provide more help. Providing organization and classes to go to while or after they’ve been abused for support and comfort. How this would work would be by getting the government to support this movement. Also tell law enforcement to make tighter and stricter laws, because many abusers get restraining orders put on them and they violate them. Not having to face tough consequences. With all these changes it would not alter our system we have in place today. These changes will work in our current system. This problem just needs to get more attention from the public. To do something before it happens rather than after. By doing all these things it will help you, me, and everybody else in this world. Not just a certain race, gender, or country, because we all tie together to make this all happen. We are all part of this
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