Domestic Violence Vs Women Research Paper

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I believe that people get so upset by the death of and violence against animals versus women because as a society, we are prone to making excuses for our actions. When a woman is abused different things might go through her head. This can vary by the women’s race, culture, socioeconomic standing, self-esteem etc. Everyone’s interpretation of violence varies. For example: When a wife/ girlfriend cheats on her husband/boyfriend, and then the man beats her, one might argue that the wife/girlfriend coerced him to do this. Another person would say that no matter what incident happened, violence is never the answer. Dogs on the other hand are a major family pet in America, and are looked at as innocent creatures. With the Michael Vick case when he was accused of taking a part in the killings of two dogs, this was looked at as inhumane. The article then went on to explain how in Hollywood you do not see movies about a dog being tortured. While on the other hand, you constantly see movies where humans are harmed, murdered, killed etc. The media, as shown in this example above, has definitely molded our view on violence.

Many of the time women also get blamed for staying with a man that abuses her. Some might say, “well
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I think that we should be educating our youth about domestic violence. Some women may not recognize signs of potential abuse, because they are unaware or maybe preoccupied/ distracted by other things. We should set up programs that talk to young girls about signs to look for pertaining to violence, and what they could do to get out of this type of situation. Women need to be aware of their rights, and feel safe to go to a police officer and not feel scared. Other interventions could also include meeting places similar to alcohols anonymous, where women who are being abused can go and talk about their situation, in a non-threatening
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