Domestic Violence : Will It Ever End?

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Domestic Violence: Will it ever end?
Jeanette M Mullen
Columbia College HUMS 105

This paper is about Domestic Violence and how it affects the people that are victims of this abuse. You will read examples of domestic violence and see how the world has viewed this crime from the beginning of time to the present. Domestic violence doesn’t only affect women, there are also crimes of domestic violence reported of men being victims of this crime, but it is more prevalent in women being abused than any other gender. Children also suffer in families of domestic abuse; you will see examples in this paper on how children are affected. There are many forms of domestic abuse and this paper will point out the different tactics that
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There were times when I would be awakened at night to the loud terrifying sounds. We eventually became friends and I finally got up enough nerves to ask her why did she allow her guy to hit on her? Her response would forever be embedded in my brain. She said, “What do you mean? Isn’t this how men are supposed to treat women?” I was shocked! She said that she grew up seeing her Mother getting hit on and tossed around and she stayed with the men that did those things to her, so she always thought this was how men and women were supposed to act towards one another. We were both young and I didn’t know much about abuse, but I did know that it wasn’t right.
Thinking back on my life now, when I was about 4 years old, I can remember a time when I was at the grocery store with my mother and she had these big black glasses on, she took them off to pay for our groceries and I saw that she had a big black bruise under her eye. I found out later in life that my father abused my mother. It was about power and control for him. My Mother instilled in me to never allow a man to hit me and if one ever does, run and never look back. Men abuse women because they can. Domestic violence is a behavior that is observed and learned. Perhaps something happened to the abuser as a child that they are now modeling as an adult. (

History of Domestic Abuse Domestic abuse didn’t just begin in the recent years,
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