Domestic Violence Wounds Run Deep

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It is devastating to be abused by someone that you love and think loves you in return” (Senator Dianne Feinstein). Domestic violence is a big problem within the family. The grand majority of the people believe that men are the abusers. While it is true that men started this problem many years ago now it is both male and female who commit this violent act. The only difference is that there is more support for women than there is for men. Domestic violence first started in 753 BC were the “Rule of Thumb” was passed. this law let men hit their wife with anything as big as their thunb. At the end of the Punic Wars the women were given more rights. The same way that they gave women more right they took them away. like in 300 AD men were allowed to burn their wife if they were no use to them or didn’t obey them. We did not see a big improvement till 1914 when the first family court is established in Buffalo. Another improvement was “ main opens the first shelter in the U.S in 1967” (History of Battered Women). In 200 CE in india they believed in sati. Sati believed in that a women should throw herself when her husband was being cremated and if she did not she was to be pushed. Women in history were seen as property and not as humans. Domestic violence as a problem has gotten better but yet still have not really improved. Women till this day are still getting abused by their husband. Men we…

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