Domestic Violence and Abuse: A Global Epidemic Essay

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Domestic violence is a serious issue that negatively impacts women in our society. “Domestic abuse is a violent confrontation between family or household members involving physical harm, sexual assault, or fear of physical harm” (Domestic Violence). Although domestic violence can impact men as well, this type of abuse seems to be more prevalent among women. This abuse destroys families and can even lead to death in some cases. Even though there has been improvement in spreading awareness about this social injustice, much more work must be done to put an end to domestic violence to protect families around the world. Domestic violence is much more common than one may think. In fact, “a woman is beaten by her husband or partner every…show more content…
“‘I think I was just totally broken. I was still, I think, locked into the relationship. I thought if I start going down that road, going to the hospitals and the police it would be the end of us, and I really didn’t want that’” (Fawcett, Featherstone, Hearn, and Toft 13). As a society, we should educate women more about resources available to help them through these difficult times. Women need to know that they are not alone, and that they can receive help. As mentioned above, there has been improvement in spreading awareness and making resources available to women who have been domestically abused. For example, each state has at least one domestic violence hotline number for women to call if they are in danger or need to talk to someone about their home-life. Also, Congress has enacted many laws involving domestic abuse. “The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) recognized that ‘violence against women is a crime with far-reaching, harmful consequences for families, children, and society...through enforcement of this available law, the Department of Justice can and will assist state and local jurisdictions in their efforts to combat domestic violence” (Groban). Being able to talk to someone and having resources available can help women all around the world. Many times, these domestic violence cases are not reported due to fear, but women are now realizing that they can be safe and find a shelter where they can escape

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