Domestic Violence and Children

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Definitions Domestic Violence Defined Citation: ARS: 13-3601 Domestic violence includes: • Any act that is a dangerous crime against children • Endangerment • Threatening or intimidating act • Assault • Custodial interference • Unlawful imprisonment or kidnaping • Criminal trespass • Harassment or stalking • Child or vulnerable adult abuse Persons Included in Definition: • A spouse or former spouse • Persons residing or having resided in the same household • Persons having a child in common • A party who is pregnant by the other party • A parent, grandparent, grandchild, stepchild, brother, or sister • A child who resides or has resided in the same household Defining Domestic Violence Domestic violence can be…show more content…
In addition, because violence is a learned behavior, growing up in a violent home can contribute to someone potentially becoming abusive. Of all batterers, two-thirds witnessed domestic violence while growing up. ( Government and academic studies consistently demonstrate that the majority of victims of domestic violence are females and that batterers are overwhelmingly male.) However, many males who witnessed violence in their childhood homes have gone on to have healthy family relationships. The same is true for girls who have grown up in a violent home. Although some do become victims of abuse, others develop healthy interpersonal relationships. It is still unclear why some people are able to develop healthy relationships while others continue to repeat the cycle of violence. Children of Domestic Violence Statistics • For every hour, as many as 115 children are abused • 90% of children from violent homes witness their fathers beating their mothers • 63% of all boys, age 11-20, who commit murder, kill the man who was abusing their mother • Children in homes where violence occurs are physically abused or neglected at a rate 1500% higher than the national average • Research has shown that the more severe the abuse of the mother, the worse the child is abused • Nationally, 75% of
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