Domestic Violence and Patriarchal Societies Essay

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For centuries, the issue of spousal or partner abuse has been concealed from the culture at large, and this general lack of knowledge lead to the formation of myths and untruths, which still permeate our society today. Most of us still hold on to the old notions about domestic violence. Now we wonder who are the victims and who are the perpetrators. Socialization and enculturation play significant roles, but patriarchy societies aim is to control women. This is not random violence. Women are targets because of their sex, and the risk factor is being female. The myths in The United States raise questions about these victims and perpetrators are that they lack education, take drugs or alcohol, and have low self-esteem.
In 1989, a
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In the United States we condemn those acts and even cry out for justice for these women. This is a culture and society unlike our own. Women here in the United States are free from dowries and the traditions which make them property of their husbands, however, acts of violence stands as a reminder to women of their low worth in society. The "dowry deaths" in India are undercounted, largely because the husband and his family frequently try to disguise the murder as a suicide or an accident. A frequent scam is to set the wife alight with kerosene, and then claim she died in a kitchen accident. In 1987 the police officially recorded 1,786 dowry deaths in all of India, but women’s action groups estimates that 1,000 women burned alive in Gujurat state alone (Jaggar & Rothenberg, 1993). As Cheryl Bernard, director of Austria’s Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Politics, notes: "Violence against women in the family takes place because the perpetrators feel, and their environment encourages them to feel, that this is an acceptable exercise of male prerogative, a legitimate and appropriate way to relieve their own tension in conditions of

Domestic Violence 4 stress, to sanction female behavior… or just to enjoy a feeling of supremacy" (Jaggar & Rothenberg, 1993). (Jaggar & Rothenberg, 1993) However, in our history women endured much violence and it was once accepted to beat one’s wife. Under
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