Domestic Violence and Spousal Abuse

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“When things were good, they were so good. Like I said, I was always secure with him. He might try to hit me and he might try to kill me, but nobody else was going to do it. Nobody else was going to talk bad to me or hurt me or talk bad about me. That just was not going to happen. I was secure in that sense with him. He was going to protect me from everybody else. Candy twenty-something white woman, North Carolina” (Hattery, 2009). This quote is taken from a woman who was abused by her husband, which is known as intimate partner violence. It is also known as spousal abuse or domestic violence. Intimate partner abuse/violence is when a person in a relationship, whether married, sexually intimate, or cohabiting, and is being abused or…show more content…
This study included one hundred and sixty-eight children and adolescents ages between 4 and 17 all of which mothers had been exposed to intimate partner violence. As a society IPV is usually perpetrated in front of children most of the time and it creates more problems without the parents’ knowledge that the children are being affected. So the most important point that society can do as a whole it to intervene, when parents begin to fight in front of children is to call the police. The battering of women or men in front of children makes no sense, because of the effects that come with witnessing a parent being battered such as stuttering, anxiety and fears, sleep disruption, and excessive crying. The results showed that greater numbers of PM subtypes suffered by children, the greater the adverse effects in psychopathology and functioning were. When a child suffers four PM subtypes, the number of DSM disorders is on average twice as high compared with children who are suffering from only one PM subtype” (Ariadna de la Vega, 2013). With these results it is the mother’s responsibility to keep children safe and out of harm’s way, because IPV can cause such disorders, especially mothers who are pregnant and are contently being abused, therefore one must bring attention to this matter. As a member of society the effects that can happen to a woman while pregnant
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