Domestic Violence in Immigrant Families Essay

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Uhunmwagho I. Angela 9563536 SOCW 357: Social Work, Law and Social Policy Assignment Three: Canadian Human Rights Report Topic – Violence against immigrant women in South Asian, African and Korean communities Instructor: Jane Birbeck March 21st, 2011 Annotated Bibliography: Violence against Immigrant Women in South Asian, African and Korean Communities An annotated bibliography Annotated Bibliography Introduction This paper analyzes the phenomenon of violence against immigrant women, specifically within South Asian, African and Korean communities in North America. The paper will examine factors that arise from the process of immigration for these cultural groups that pose as barriers to immigrant families…show more content…
Agnew finally expands on the concept of patriarchal values and practices among immigrant families. Economic status, dependent immigrant status, the desire to keep the family together, personal security, changing gender roles are all common factors that stem from existing patriarchal structures which contribute to violence against immigrant women. Changing gender roles seem to be very difficult for men who feel disempowered, and as they perceive that their authority as head of households are weakening, they may resort to violence to regain some power. I believe cultural difference between service providers and immigrant families is a major barrier; therefore, there should be more diversity of staff in government organizations and more opportunities for cultural training of health care providers to deliver more culturally-sensitive health services to immigrant women that are congruent to their own traditional beliefs. This could help to reduce language barriers and prevent further racist treatment for immigrant women. One limitation of this study is the small number of visible-minority immigrants in Halifax. 2. Dasgupta, S. D. (2007). Body evidence: Intimate violence against South Asian women in America. New Jersey: Rutgers University Press. In the thirteen chapter of this book, Dasgupta
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