Domestic Violence in The Color Purple by Alice Walker Essay

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Men all through the globe have always been the dominant sex ever since the early former ages. Domestic Violence is a critical issue which negatively impacts women in the world today. The novel The Color Purple deals with the narrator Celie, a black woman uneducated and poor, who gets physically abused by both her so called father and husband. Throughout the novel, it is shown how a powerless woman rises and stands up for herself after years of being mistreated. Over 85% of women experience or go through a domestic violence through friends or family. Domestic Violence has sadly played a big role in families, specifically women, and has led to many deaths. The Color Purple demonstrates how through out the world, thousands of incidents of…show more content…
Young boys in the family who grow up watching their father mistreat their mother are more likely to abuse their spouse as they grow older. Past family history of domestic violence gives young boys the idea that women are weak and are not to be respected during their relationship. Young girls who eyewitness their family going through domestic violence are likely to be victimized by their spouse (Goldsmith 1). Domestic violence is usually started off with a partner trying to dominate over their loved one(s) in their relationship. Some reasons of why a partner might try to be in control during their relationship is because of a low self-esteem or extreme jealousy problems. Another reason is because some men are either set up with a mind-set that they are the ones in control from their family history. Lastly, other men are pressured by friends or family into trying to be the leader in the relationship. Harpo, Albert’s son, is in love with an independent and strong girl, Sofia. Even though Mr. ____ disapproves, Harpo soon after marries Sofia, but is later pressured by Mr. _____ to be the dominant partner in the relationship and show Sofia who is in control. In The Color Purple, Albert asks Harpo:
“You ever hit her? Mr. _____ ast.
Harpo look down at his hands. Naw suh, he say low, embarrass.
Well how you spect to make her mind? Wives is like children.
You have to let ’em

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