Domestic Violenece and Sexual Assault

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Domestic Violence (DV) and Sexual Assault (SA) are persistent and serious problems affecting millions of individuals from different countries, ages, race, economic status or education, and religions. These problems severely affect the victims in addition to the entire society and are associated with several other social ills (Lien 2003). Case studies of personal abuse and violence, particularly between families and domestic partners, are the main occurrences that are dealt with at Hoke County Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Center (HCDV&SAC). In Hoke County, NC is a small district with fewer DV & SA incidents even though the center can assist anyone from any county; they can only report incidents that happen within Hoke County. The staff members at HCDV&SAC are dedicated to assisting DV & SA victims. They are very active in the communities around Hoke County offering programs and information about what the victim can do and how HCDV&SAC can assist. My experience while working and interviewing the employees gave me awareness of how serious DV & SA really is within my own county. I am aware that this problems happen everywhere, but not aware of the frequency cases in this county. The staff was very knowledgeable on what these problems are and how to educate people on how a good association or relationship looks like. I have learned that everyone could become a victim at some point in his or her life.
Domestic violence is a widespread and serious problem that distresses

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