Domestic Violent Relationship : An Ongoing Dispute Arising Out Of A Previous

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INTRODUCTION I have experienced an ongoing dispute arising out of a previous Domestic Violent relationship, with an ex husband (JP) within the last 12 months. Finding myself in court with him repeatedly over conflict that he has caused surrounding his child support arrearage that he refuses to pay. His efforts were to try and turn the situation around on me to get out of paying what he owes. My lawyer has been met with expert witnesses that testified on my behalf of his lies. I’ve sought the judge for relief and have had to make my case on numerous occasions in the last year. I finally was heard and the judge believes my side. We have one final court proceeding in August. The power JP seemed to have in the beginning was that he…show more content…
Another consequence is the state is also taking half of his paycheck now. All of this is worthy of analysis to try and help the court system to see how these men operate. Knowledge is power and I believe the court system has proven itself broken in my situation many times now and that I had to be proactive to persuade the right people. My reader can gain an education on what behaviors can lead to frustration and how to better prepare for them. We at one point had to go to mediation and I knew going into it that the other side would not budge in any of my wants regardless of what they were. Such as, the one thing I asked for was for our daughter to be able to be in the Westernairs horse club. I ended up being a complete breakdown in the mediation working for either side. When I hired my lawyer he was initially a neutral party to the conflict one finds them selves walking up hill in the beginning until your word can be taken at face value. It took several months of him watching the breakdown in communication all on the other side for there to be trust built in my case. After having tried to be amicable on several occasions to try and get to a win-win solution I finally persuaded my lawyer that we were dealing with someone completely unreasonable. When trying to persuade a judge it takes a tactic of truth that you can prove and negotiating what the law states is accurate as a solution.
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