Domestic Worker Means A Person Between The Age

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DOMESTIC WORKER Means a person between the age 15-60 yrs working in any domestic employments, directly or through an agency or contractor whether exclusively for one employer or in a group or otherwise one or more employers whether simultaneously or otherwise includes a casual or temporary domestic worker, Migrant worker, but does not include any Member of the family of an employer. (Draft Bill-2008)
EMPLOYER in relation to any domestic worker means the person who has an ultimate control over the affairs of the establishment work or service and includes any other person to whom the affairs of such establishment are entrusted, whether such person is called an employee or is called by any other name prevailing in the scheduled group of employments. (Draft Bill-2008)

A domestic worker is someone employed and paid by a single person or a couple in a domestic partnership within their private household. This is a study of one such occupation of women i.e., domestic work and women 's health where women are found in large numbers exploited the most and protected by the state the least. A vast majority of these workers are the urban poor -excluded not only from formal sector jobs, but also from formal sector housing - living in slums and informal settlements across the city. Given that informal sector employment is frequently characterized by low wages and incomes, a lack of social security. (Dr. G. Vanithamani 2014)
According to the latest International Labour Organization (ILO
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