Domestic and Global Product Branding Strategy

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Assignment 3: Branding, Pricing and Distribution Domestic and Global Product Branding Strategy Luckie's Professional Consultants must continually cultivate a trusted advisor role with prospects and clients alike for the business to grow. The most critical aspect of the domestic and global branding strategies is the focus on how to become and sustain the positioning of a trusted advisor. As Luckie's Professional Consultants is in a high-end, very complex service business, the need to manage expectations of clients and deliver experiences far beyond what customers is expect is critical to their growth. The domestic and global branding strategy needs to reflect the value of continual excellence of performance on clients' projects, with the focus being on continually surpassing their expectations as well. The core strength of this business will be how much it is trusted and considered an essential element of any client's strategies across the broad base of services the company offers. With trust as the cornerstone of the domestic and global product branding strategy, Luckie's Professional Consultants next needs to capture customer success stories in each of their key service areas. As this service business is concentrating on providing start-up services for business plan preparation, marketing plan preparation, and financing search and procurement, there needs to be customer success stories with as many quantifiable or measurable results as possible provided. This
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