Domestic and Global Product Branding Strategy of Comfort Cakes by Lynda

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Create the domestic and global product branding strategy. My company Comfort Cakes by Lynda would specialize in making cakes for events such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and other special events. The main specialty that it would offer is the wide range of tastes and designs which may be unknown to the local consumers. My company should also adapt to the best quality standards so that maximum consumer satisfaction is guaranteed. Comfort Cakes by Lynda will experiment with new fusions of flavors along with the regular flavors that it has to offer to its consumers Altogether some seem to think branding a bakery a waste of money, research (e..g Idea spot; shows it to be useful. This is particularly so since even though one may have a cadre of local customers, customers need to be able to describe and particularize the product, aside from the fact that branding helps disseminate the bakery's reputation. Branding for both domestic and global product will adopt the same technique: My steps will be to develop a brand promise that will crystallize Comfort Cake's purpose and essence. My steps are the following: To identify the top three values under which I operate my bakery. These are: family, honesty, passion. To develop a mission for my bakery: This is to provide the best quality standards and range of cakes. To create a vision of the business when it succeeds in fulfilling that mission. This will be to be the baker of choice for special occasions in

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