Domestic violence

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Domestic Violence Persuasive Essay Final Draft

“Every year, in the United States there are over 3 million incidents of reported domestic violence. Every year, 4,000 victims of domestic violence are killed.” (Domestic Violence: Disturbing Facts about Domestic Violence). Domestic violence is a crime that is not just committed in the United States, but worldwide. This crime is committed every day, every hour, every minute, and every second. Anybody can be a victim or the abuser. This can happen to any child, man or woman. This is a horrific crime. Women are more likely to be the victim in domestic violence than men. “Forty-five percent of all violent attacks against female victims 12 years old and older by multiple
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This act of abuse is when the victim is being touched or sexual act is being preformed is unwanted. The abuser sometimes uses this tactic as a punishment. “Financial abuse is the use or misuse, without the partner’s freely given consent, of the financial or other monetary resources of the partner or of the partnership.” (Types of Domestic Abuse). The abuser will keep the victim(s) away from their jobs, which will cause them to lose money and eventually get fired. The abuser will also create conflict with the victim’s coworkers. They will also take the victim’s credit cards and will also take control of their bank account(s) and control their spending. “Identity abuse is using personal characteristics to demean, manipulate and control the partner…tactics overlap with other forms of abuse, particularly emotional abuse…comprised of the social “isms”, including racism, sexism, ageism, able-ism, beauty-ism, as well as homophobia.” (Type of Domestic Abuse). The abuser will stereotype the victims(s) by their ethnicity, race, sexuality, or gender. They will also humiliate them and judge them by their behavior and how they do things. This will also lower the victim’s self esteem and self confidence. These types of abuse are very dangerous psychologically and physically.

In order to help stop this crime, people will need to be educated on domestic violence and the ways to help prevent this from happening. Educating people on domestic violence can
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