Domesticated Animals Carry Epidemic Diseases

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Did you know that half of the world is living on about $2.50 every day? This isn’t because of their race, how much money they have, or that they’re not working hard enough. It all comes down to where they were located geographically on the world. With the right geography, a civilization can grow plants that have all of the qualities that allows them to be farmed and used as the civilisation’s main source of food. Farming gave them more time to discover that they could also domesticate some animals that had the right features. These domesticated animals carry epidemic diseases, so when a civilization would spent their whole life with the animals, their body would be taught to fight off the different diseases and eventually become immune. When…show more content…
They also need a specific type of food source, which is controlled by the climate.The civilizations that have the right temperature and food for animals that can be domesticated are able to develop faster than civilizations that don’t have domesticated animals. This is because domesticated animals save a lot more time than going out and hunting, which makes more time to invent new things to help their civilization develop. The Fertile Crescent had a sub-arid climate with seasons. Because this allowed them to farm wheat and barley, the Fertile Crescent didn’t need as many people to help out with preparing their food. This opened up time for those who didn’t need to help out on the farms, and they discovered that not only they could capture and grow their own crops, but they could also capture and raise animals. Over time they figured out that most animals that can’t be domesticated is because of their diet, growth rate, tendency to panic, have a tendency to kill humans, or have problems with breeding in captivity,. An 1,000 pound animal needs about 10,000 pounds of food, and if a civilization were to domesticate a carnivore, then that animal would need 10,000 pounds of herbivore meat, which would need to be fed 100,000 pounds of crops, which is 90,000 pounds of food that could be used for humans to eat rather than their livestock’s food. If a…show more content…
Once a country develops steel, they are able to travel anywhere and most likely win every battle, because steel weapons are the strongest and sharpest weapons. This opens up the whole world’s resources land to colonize. To make steel, a civilization needs to have the right geography to grow trees that had dry wood to create long, hot fires. They also needed to have the right geography that gave them iron ore, the foundation of steel, and a food surplus to create non-food specialists, that could dedicate their life to creating steel, which luckily Spain’s geography gave them all of these things. They decided to create better weapons because they had competition with the other civilizations that lived around them. Although the Incas had dry wood, for the fire, and a food surplus, to give them specialists, they didn’t have iron ore to create steel or a motive. They didn’t have any civilizations that lived near them. They did have an abundance of precious metals, but since they had so much of it, they didn’t think of it as very valuable and they used it for everyday tools. When the Spanish developed steel and sea-going ships, they decided to search for Eldorado, a paradise made of gold. They eventually found themselves in the Incan
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