Domesticated Animals In The Elizabethan Era

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Ever since humans began to domesticate animals, their lives have altered drastically. Daily life and activities became easier with the use of the trained animals and the relationship between humans and other animals grew into something more than just to beings coexisting with one another. Today, domesticated animals became beloved family members of humans who adopted them and they live peacefully. Some train their pets for sport and entertainment and others just keep their pets for company. In the Elizabethan era, daily life was fairly similar. Animals such as horses and dogs proved to be quite significant in the 16th century. They assisted humans, brought joy to humans’ lives, and became entertainment to the once boring lives of humans…show more content…
In a hunt such as this, their prey was wild boar. The hunters and their dogs would chase the prey to exhaustion and at that point, go in for the kill. This target was rather dangerous, but nonetheless, the sport was enjoyed. The other form of hunting, Bow and Stable hunting, was considered less strenuous and both men and women participated in the activity. The main weapons used was a bow and arrow or a spear. Riding on horseback, the huntsmen and huntswomen accompanied by several dogs, would drive their prey into and enclosed area. Then, the hunters killed the prey in close range. The dogs and horses participating in these activities prove to be very critical in the procedure of chasing, capturing, and killing the prey. They are even acknowledged by the people of this time for their vigorous work. To show their appreciation, the dogs are rewarded with a few chunks of meat. In each hunt, there are a variety of different dog breeds that are used in the hunt. Before the hunt is planned, a huntsman and his lymer, go out in the morning to search for tracks of the prey or fewments (droppings), to predict where the prey may be scavenging and living. Common breeds of lymers include Bloodhounds and St Hubert’s. Other types of dogs used are sight hounds or otherwise known as gazehounds. As the name suggest, these dogs are prized and adored for their acute vision and immense speed. Breeds such as Greyhounds and

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