Domesticated Cats Research Paper

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Introduction Cats came to the United States from Europe. They came from Egypt before that, and they were treated very special in Egypt because one of their gods was a cat. This is when they got domesticated, which was almost 4,000 years ago. Even though they have been domesticated they still do what every living thing does. In order for cats to survive they must get energy, move and grow, adapt to the environment protect themselves and reproduce. Getting Energy Cats are carnivores, meaning they eat meat, and they use sharp, retractable claws to get their food. They can hunt at anytime of the day. First, when they locate their prey, they creep up onto it, putting as little possible. Then, they pounce onto them, swatting with their paws to get…show more content…
After domesticated cats enter new environments, they will normally run away and try to find a place to hide. Cats do this because territory is very important to all forms of cats. So they will find a hidden out of the way place and will gradually come out and explore. Usually cats will stay in this state for about a week or so. When cats get familiar with the environment they are in they will explore more. If cats in a house they will jump on everything, and try to knock things over. They will not too far away from their hiding space, so it is good if they have a source of food and water…show more content…
So in order for cats to survive out in the wild, they need to have ways to keep themselves safe from predators. When cats are being attacked by predators, or they feel threatened in any way, they will arc their back and fold their ears. They will also let out a high pitched yowl called a hiss. Cats do this to stand up to their predator, and let them know that they will fight them if they come close. Cats also have a lens in the very back of their eyes which makes it so that when it is dark out, the lens reflects light off of it, making everything around them light up to them. This can be very useful when it is dark out and an owl is hunting. Cats can see the owl coming and hide away. Cats also have very large ears that can hear 3x better than a human can. Cats ears can also rotate, around almost 360 degrees which can help them pinpoint where the, say coyote, is and run away in the right direction, or prepare for an attack with their sharp
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