Domination Metaphor And The Boeing Case

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Introduction The purpose of this memo is to explain the domination metaphor and the Boeing case while relating the two and providing a recommendation for moving forward. The domination metaphor is important to discuss because it explores the idea that some organizations are instruments of domination that impose their will on others to continue their advancement through exploitation. I will be discussing the key points of the domination metaphor, the Boeing case and the necessary OD interventions that address the case in relation to the metaphor. Domination Metaphor: The organism metaphor views organizations as instruments of domination. Morgan says that organizations often have a negative impact on our world (Morgan, 2006, p. 293). The idea of looking at organizations as instruments of domination brings attention to issues such as environmental and social responsibilities of organizations. The metaphor brings up environmental issues by accusing organizations of poisoning the general public through food additives and the pollution of our environment, including our water system. Max Weber identified three types of social domination. People can be dominated through charisma, through tradition (custom), and through rational-legal (rules and laws). (Morgan, 2006, p. 291) Within this metaphor, profits are always considered over people while people are exploited or used to better the modern slave driver—efficiency (Morgan, 2006, p. 296). This metaphor attempts to get us to

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