Domination and Resistance of Culture Essay

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When people think about culture, we tend to think of art, literature. Possibly even the identity of a person through their language, common practices, rituals and traditions. According to Rivkin and Ryan (2004), culture is composed of domination and resistance (p. 1233). They also view subculture as having double connotation (p. 1259). In other words, culture and subculture has the power to rule over others or resist power and go against the flow respectively. In a capitalistic society, the ruling class has more power and resources over the working class. They generate their own ideas and values into the norm and are accepted by the working class/society. It works like a pyramid. Power is not distributed evenly to members in society. It is…show more content…
So what really is culture? Culture is a style within a society that concludes all meanings of a social experience. The culture behind technology is influenced by domination and resistance. Owning the latest technology or any technology at all is useful, but we should limit ourselves to how much time we spend on it and what we use it for. Technology has advanced to new heights since its making. Imagine walking in down town with a two and a half pound device by your ear and all you can do is dial, talk and listen. That was the invention of the first personal mobile phone by Martin Cooper in 1973. The cell phone has come a long way since its introduction. It has now evolved into a pocket-sized computer, camera and apps regarding anything that a being can think of. Cars are now able to start by the press of a button. The purpose of computers was to solve serious number-crunching crisis for the government, but is now use for social media purposes and almost everything else. Electronics (technology) serves as a vehicle for communication and furthers our knowledge. People are now able to communicate via cameras on their phone in a press of a button. Technology helps to serve not only ordinary people in everyday situations, but also those who are in the armed forces in foreign countries. New and improved armory is safer than ever, and lessens the chance of fatality in warfare. Medically, it has proven its use in saving many lives. Organs are being replaced with
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