Dominican Republic As A Place Of Possibilities Essay

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Haiti is an independent black republic proud of its fashioned French, African, and Caribbean culture. So why are so many Haitians fleeing their homeland to their neighboring partner, Dominican Republic? First, let’s look at some key facts about Haiti. With those key facts we can see why Haitians in large amounts want to migrate to the Dominican Republic. Second, we can discuss the Dominican Republic being a place of possibilities. Final we will discuss how Dominicans feel about letting Haitians in to their country.
Haiti is located on the island of Hispaniola, second largest island in the Caribbean Sea. It is shared with the Dominican Republic. The land is largely mountainous 80% with some low lying plains and plateaus between the mountains, and only has 20% of it is farm land. Only 1/7 of the land is suitable for growing crops. (Yomtov 2012: 15-18) Only 2 % of Haiti is forest due to deforestation. Deforestation causes the top soil to wash away or erode. It makes the soil less likely to be able to produce plants and trees. About 50% of population lives in countryside and only 20% live in the city. Many hurricanes come across it, flooding occurs and earthquakes. (Blashfield: 24-25)
Haiti is the poorest nation in the world. They have suffered poverty, racism, political instability and foreign invasion throughout the years. But its history is one of the riches in French, African, and Caribbean culture. (Yomtov 2012: 9) It is especially proud of its African
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