Dominion of Canada's Foundation

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In 1867, the Fathers of Confederation helped ratify the first British North America Act, the culminating product of a hard-fought political process which united Upper and Lower Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. The study of the Dominion of Canada's formation is typically fixated on the politicians' roles (3), and this deficient scope is a significant reason as to why Andrew Smith's monograph, British Business and Canadian Confederation, manifested itself so clearly to me. As I am studying Canadian history through a business context, this book seemed quite appropriate Instead of focusing on the usual suspects, such as the American threat or Anglophone-Francophone relations, Smith seeks to analyze the often neglected influence that British businessmen had on Confederation. As such, the piece's overriding argument is that had there not been support from prominent British investors, Canada's landmark federal unification would not have taken place, whether on July 1, 1867 or otherwise (3). By overtly and exhaustively presenting the prevailing contention in the opening paragraphs, Smith leaves no doubt in the reader's mind as to what the following chapters contain and validate.
The British North American economy was significantly operated by the aforementioned investors (21). Due to economic crisis in the early 1860s (44), they…
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