Dominion of Death

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Dominion of Death For years and years; death was something that people saw as the only “gateway” to what they believed to be the afterlife or heaven. Believing that god would grant them access to heaven if they were to live holy and sinless lives. However towards the beginning of the 20th century this belief started to weave towards the belief that the afterlife would be the eternal end of ones life on physical earth, with some even believing that there wouldn’t be an afterlife. This all leaded to people overall living happier and longer lives. This all inspired a type of writing style called modernism; to be more specific Neo-romanticism. One of the most famous writers of this genre was Dylan Thomas who famously wrote And Death Shall Have No Dominion. This poem contains the characteristics of the beliefs of Neo-Romanticism by showing that even though death must happen, it mustn’t be something that one just lets stroll by and take them away. Because the belief is that death should be avoided in order to live the longest, fullest, and happiest life possible. The whole concept of living an alien life in the 19th century terms began to be known as Modernism. It drove to desire to change traditional ways of representations and to express the new ways of the era. In the case of the late 1800s old beliefs such as religion, treatment of monarchy, and social norms began to be questioned and challenged. This challenging of society started in the late 1800s all the way through the
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