Domino 's Is Putting More Emphasis On Fresh And Quality Pizza

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As mentioned, Domino’s is putting more emphasis on fresh and quality pizza. Its packaging system is designed to keep the food hot and fresh and is offering food to vegetarian and non-vegetarian customers. In order to get a considerable share in the fast food market, Domino’s has prioritized a unique concept of localizing the flavor like Deluxe Chicken with Mustard sauce and Crunchy thin crust (Marketing 91, 2016) with one of its kind 30-minute delivery promise. Tom Monaghan and his sibling James launched Domino’s in the year 1960 which now has expanded its business throughout the world in such a high pace. Today; Domino’s Pizza is sold in many countries including Australia. According to Ashley (2015), Domino’s is thriving in emerging international market like Brazil, China, Turkey, and Japan since it is a relatively inexpensive luxury. He added that in order to satisfy all kind of customers and to increase the customer perceived value, Domino’s offers three different sizes of pizza – small, medium and large. Some of the most popular pizzas include Chicken and Camembert Pizza, Zesty Chicken Pizza, Grand Supreme Pizza, Mexican Green Wave Pizza, Seventh Heaven Pizza, and country Special Pizza Be Brilliant (Be Brilliant 2013). The menus vary from different countries and regions with specific consideration of the demographic. Besides the core product, Domino’s is combining/ accompanying pizza with another kind of food item and beverages such as Garlic Bread, Sticks Calzone
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