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1. Describe the nature of the organization, its size, and any specific human resource challenges it faces.
Domino’s Pizza is a multi-billion dollar a year enterprise. The company operates through a network of roughly 9,000 stores scattered throughout the 50 states and located in over 60 countries (DATAMONITOR: Domnino's Pizza, Inc., 2010). Since the first Domino’s franchise opened in Ypsilanti, Michigan in 1967, the pioneering giant of pizza delivery has established itself as a household name (Lief, 2008). However, maintaining a position of leadership in this extremely competitive business has required the organization to adopt several unique methods of oversight.
Domino’s maintains a direct influence in the manufacturing and
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In April of 2010, Domino’s became the first “established international pizza delivery brand” in Germany (ShareCast, 2011). The potential for increased revenue and future growth is tremendous. Such an expansion coincides with the company’s statement of diversity while creating new challenges for their HR professionals. Hiring host country nationals with managerial experience is one way to mitigate transition into a country where entrepreneurial spirit many not be the norm. Once employees understand the benefits of upward mobility, lateral stratification doesn’t possess the same charm. The challenge for HR in this situation is creating a competitive environment without insulting or breaking the informal rules of the host nation.
Initially, establishing a team with organization commitment should be a priority. Organizational commitment is an indicator of a satisfied workforce. Job dissatisfaction on the other hand, is the basic reason people leave their jobs (DeNesi & Griffin, 2012).
4. Make recommendations concerning how the organization can leverage its human resources to come out on top in a highly competitive environment.
Domino’s makes “the dream of” business ownership possible through what they call the Delivering the Dream program (About Domino's Pizza, 2010). Ambitious employees are easily motivated through the use of incentives such as
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