Domino's Australia Case Study

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Domino 's Pizza Australia
(29 September 2014)

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Paper : BSCM 4.720 Business Strategy and Change Management

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Executive Summary
The objective of this report is to analyze the business situation wherein Domino 's operates in the market and to obtain an understanding on the strategic analysis tools that can be used to acquire a new competitive advantage against their major rivals such as Pizza Hut, Eagle Boys, La Porchetta, etc. The intent of the assignment is to learn the factors that caused increase in profitability and sales and defining the actions necessary to further improve the QSR segment rank.
The strategic management tools used are
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It owns the sole master franchise privileges for the Domino 's trade name and system in several parts mainly in Australia, New Zealand, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Japan and the Principality of Monaco. Globally, it sells more than 1 million pizzas a day in roughly 1300 stores across 6 countries, 9000 in over 60 countries and 600 over Australia and New Zealand. It functions as a quick service pizza restaurant whereby it is differentiated because QSR retailers are recognized as acquiring incorporated management with required standard menus and pricing unlike smaller outlets.

Domino 's has developed into becoming the fifth largest QSR chain in Australia by network store numbers (just behind Subway, McDonalds, KFC and Red Rooster) and the sixth largest in sales (McDonalds, KFC, Hungry Jack, Subway, Chicken Treat and Red Rooster). In 2004, it was acknowledged as the number one pizza company in Australia and the first to use a company-related phone name, - 1300 DOMINOS, in 2008. They consistently build up their success through profound innovations such as introducing an online ordering mobile site in 2011, commenced “Social Pizza” on their Facebook page which allowed customers to customize their pizza and became the most well-liked selection, and launched a Facebook app that allowed customers to rate their stores in 2013.

Domino 's recently encourage
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