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Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen I am .............................I’m a representative for Domino’s Pizza Australia. Today I will present to you the reasons why you should invest in my franchise. I will be outlining the advantages and disadvantages of the franchise as well as a SWOT Analysis, KPI’s and I will suggest a suitable location for the franchise. But first, allow me to give you a brief overview of what Dominos does. Like all big businesses they all started out small and grew over the years. Dominos started in America with only one store in America. Then started to franchise around the world. Domino 's Pizza Australia began in Red Hill, Brisbane, in 1978 as Silvio 's Dial-A-Pizza, established by brothers Silvio and Fel…show more content…
Then I looked at the average individual income and it showed more information. In Gatton the average individual income was $369 a week whereas in Kingscliff the average individual income was $399 weekly. The last criteria I went through to choose the most convenient location for the new franchise was the total population of people in the workforce. In Gatton the total population of people in the work force was only 166 people whereas in Kingscliff the number of people in the work force was 2460 people. After I went over the information the clear choice was to invest in a franchise in Kingscliff as it is a growing town with a high number of people in the work force. The choice to start up a new franchise in Kingscliff was more profitable than starting one up in Gatton as the information shows that you get more customers where people have more money. The last piece of criteria I used was the target age of the consumers. The average age for both place were the same between 25-54 years of age. With this large number of people at that age they would be more likely to Domino’s take away. Strengths
There are a lot of strengths in investing a Domino’s in Kingscliff. There would be ongoing traffic on the holidays in particular and a lot of traffic means a lot of people going past and might like to stop and get some pizza, this could also be
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