Domino's Pizza Case Analysis

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I. Time Context
Year 2008

II. View Point
The persons involved are those who are in-charge in marketing and research which includes the chief innovation and creativity officer.

III. Central Problem
Limited store operation of the Domino’s Pizza

IV. Objectives:
* To have necessary changes in the business that would be beneficial to the company and essential for its growth. * To maintain loyal customers and gains more. * To increase sales.
* To have all the changes are done and used as an edge against competitors. * To become the leading pizza chain in the industry.

V. Areas of Consideration
* Domino’s Pizza Inc. is an international company that operates in over 60
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The franchisees were also required to provide adequate training to the store employees...

Master franchising helped Domino's establish a significant presence in a short span of time, as the master franchisees were well versed with the local markets. In 1982, Domino's established DPII to look after the international expansion activities of the company...

* Analyse and discuss the store operation of Domino’s.

The Domino’s Pizza focused on delivering high quality pizza. Basically their main offerings were different variety of pizzas and few side dishes. They’re not into dine-in and only few of its international stores did so. Thus, franchising Domino’s did not require large stores and staffing facilities.

* Examine and discuss the training/support provided by Domino’s to the franchisees.
Domino’s were hands on in terms of giving support to their franchisees. They helped franchisees from selecting store site and set this up according to the company’s specifications. Aside from that, franchisees were also provided with the design plans, equipment and fixtures.
Domino’s provide the expertise, the brand, the operating platform, the oversight, and the support they need to combine with their capital and their operational execution to create sales as a result.

* How did the master franchise model helped Domino’s in facing the adverse impact of global economic slowdown successfully?
Master franchise model

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