Domino's Pizza

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S – Even after 54 years Domino’s greatest strength has been sticking to its original values, the very ones that have made it a top company since its founding: delivery speed, operational transparency, and responsiveness to customer wants and concerns. Since the beginning Domino’s top focus has been on the customer and his or her experience. By providing a simple, inexpensive, and convenient pizza option, Domino’s has been able to remain a top competitor in its industry. Over the years they have expanded their menu, going beyond the pizza box, to answer desires for additional food options such as pasta, subs, and chicken wings, as well as dessert options. This way they not only attract your everyday pizza eaters, but also can appeal to the …show more content…
Those comments are updated and displayed real-time allowing for that specific Domino’s location to make immediate changes in-store as well as contact individuals with less than positive experiences. Secondly, Domino’s has made sure to optimize their kitchen space by creating an assembly line set-up that makes preparation quick and simple, thus allowing employees the ability to be efficient in both their order preparation and pizza tracker updates. This way Domino’s sticks to their goals of transparency and efficiency.

For many years Domino’s has been a leader in customer- centricity. They constantly make an effort to improve the experiences of their customers. In many ways Domino’s has already touched upon the best ways to improve customer centricity. They have established transparency, customer engagement, as well as acting on instantly actionable leanings about their customers. One thing they could re-visit is making customers apart of the decision making process. Similar to the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle collaboration, Domino’s should host more competitions or open addition discussions on twitter, facebook, and other social-media sites about minor improvements such as new-toppings. If they allow customers to play a more active role in deciding the next best thing for the company it would improve their already good customer centricity.

3. For Domino’s, digitization as well as information technology played the role of
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