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DOMINO’S PIZZA “Strategic and Financial analysis of Domino’s Pizza, Leadership of Deliver’s Pizza which representing ¼ of the global fats food’s market in UK” Salford Business School B.Sc. (Hons.) Business and Management Studies Iut de Roanne DUETI Academic Year 2009 - 2010 Clara Lacroix Mme Latuillere 2 CONTENTS INTRODUCTION EXECUTIVE SUMMARY I/ STRATEGIC ANALYSIS: A- Analyzing the strategic environment 1- PESTEL a) Political and Economic b) Social and Environmental c) Technological d) Legal 2- Sources of competition 3- Competitors and markets a)Identification of the customer and the market b) Market segmentation and its strategic implications B- Business…show more content…
The plan was to make Domino’s Pizza a well known brand and to be the first choice for pizza lovers. Domino’s pizza aim is to produce different multiplicity of pizza and allow customers to customise their own choice of pizzas by offering them variety of toppings. While making their own selection of pizzas with a reasonable price and making important offers attracting in new customers. Domino’s quickly became the premium Pizza takeaway, serving locals and focusing on all categories of people (student, family, alone person…). An exciting menu of 13 different pizzas with an option of having four diverse ranges of dough. The main aim of Domino’s Pizza is to make best quality pizzas and offer best value for the customer, so their values are summed up: “Sell more pizza, have more fun!” Mission: The Mission of Domino’s pizza is to be the best pizza delivery company in the world. Domino’s offers the finest customer services. So, Domino’s pizza has a passion to serve delicious pizzas. Vision: Domino’s Pizza wants to be the pizza first choice in the world that is says to detain half of pizza’s market. They aim to open 50 new stores each year. So today, they are working towards their goal of opening 1,000 stores by 2017 Objectives: Domino 's Pizza plc recognises that its day to day operations impact the environment. The Company is committed to delivering great tasting, hot pizzas and will aim for continuous improvement in all aspects of its environmental

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