Domino's Sizzle with Pizza Tracker Essay

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Domino’s Sizzles with Pizza Tracker
Management Information Systems 625
Jacob M. Shannon
Walsh University

Case Study #1 There has been a definite transition in the pizza delivery business, with massive pizza chains vying for the most innovate way to create and sell their product. Even though this case may be a few years dated, one can still observe these innovations occurring in the present. Through intricate and efficient information systems, these innovations can be a viable and a creative way to get the customers what they want; however, in a different more unique fashion that can appeal to a wide and young demographic. Where one business lacks in quality compared to the other chains, the business can make up for it with
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Another information system utilized by Domino’s is the Enterprise System, which serves to integrate several different parts of the company’s processes into a single software system (Laudon & Laudon, 2012). Therefore, when a customer places the order the billing information is transacted, along with personal information that serves as market research for the company. The input of an email address into the system allows for follow up emails contributing to the marketing side of the business. Also, when the customer builds the pizza they desire, it breaks down the production process for the employees, all in a single detailed transaction. This is undoubtedly an efficient process for Domino’s, allowing different parts of the company to enter a ubiquitous state. These systems allow for an improved business process for Domino’s, allowing for a ubiquitous business process instead of each section of the company having to work separately to complete the same business processes. Comparatively to a company like Amazon, the system almost works in the same fashion for both companies, although the companies are in different industries. Amazon, a massive internet wholesaler, arguably innovated this type of system on a consumer level (enterprise). When placing an order through Amazon, all of your billing and personal information is saved for current and future purchases. In a marketing perspective, Amazon records everything that you

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