Domino's Sizzles with Pizza Tracker

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When it comes to pizza, everyone has an opin ion . Some of us think th at our current pizza is just fine the way it is. Others h ave a favorite pizza joint th at makes it like no on e else. And m any pizza lovers in America agreed up until recentl y that Dom ino 's home-delivered pizza was amo ng the worst. The home-delivery market for pizza cha ins in th e United States is approximat ely $15 billion per year. Domino's, which owns th e largest home-delivery market share of any U.s . pizza chain, is find ing ways to innovate by overhauling its in-store transaction processing systems and by providing other us eful services to customers, su ch as its Pizza Tracker. And
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A point-of-sale system captures purchase and payment data at a physical location where goods or services are bought an d sold using com puters, auto­ mated cash registers, scanners, or other digital devices. In 2003, Domino's implemented Pulse in a large porti on of its stores, and those stores reported improved customer service, reduced m istakes, and sho rter training tim es. Since th en, Pulse h as become a staple of all Domino's franc hises. Some of th e func ­ tion s Puls e performs at Domino's franchi ses are tak­ ing and custom izing orde rs using a tou ch-screen interface, maintaining sales figures, and compili ng customer in formation . Domino's prefers n ot to discl ose th e sp ecific dollar amo unts th at it has saved from Pulse, but it's clear from indus try analysts th at th e technology is work ing to cut costs and inc rease customer satisfaction . More recently, Domino's released a n ew hardware and software platform called Pul se Evolution , which is now in use in a m ajority of Domino's m ore th an 5,000 U.S. branches. Pulse Evolution improves on th e older technology in several ways. First, th e older software us ed a 'thick-clie nt' m odel, wh ich re quired all m achines using th e software to be fully equ ippe d personal compute rs running Windows. Pulse Evolution , on th e othe r h and, uses 'th in-clien t' arc hi­ tecture in wh ich n etworked workstat ions with little indep endent

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