Dominos : The Biggest Chain Of Pizza

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Dominos has yet to enter Yamba, Australia. Yamba is in the New South Wales section of Australia.
Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd which is located in Australia is the biggest chain of pizza in Australia. Domino’s Pizza holds franchise rights for the Dominos brand in Australia, New Zealand, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Monaco and Japan. Domino’s Pizza Inc., a US company, owns the Domino’s brand.
Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd has more than “….1400 stores across six countries, including over 600 in Australia and New Zealand. Employees over 26,000 full-time and casual staff across six countries, including 15,000 in Australia and New Zealand.” (Dominos IP Holder LLC, 2015)
The first Australian Domino’s store opened on December 27,
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• In 1989, the Pan Pizza, which was Domino’s first new product, was introduced and the 5,000th store was opened.
• In 1990, Domino’s Pizza signed its 1,000th franchise and Domino’s rolled out bread sticks in 1992, which was the first non-pizza menu item.
• In 1993, thin crust pizza was introduced and Domino’s discontinued the 30-minute guarantee and put its emphasis on satisfaction guarantee or they would remake your pizza or refund your money.
• In 1994, Domino’s introduced Buffalo wings and in 1995 Domino’s opened its 1,000 store. Also the first store on the continent of Africa opened in Cairo, Egypt.
• In 1996, Domino’s started its website and introduced flavored crusts for limited-time. The company’s sales were 2.8 billion in 1996.
• In 1997, Domino’s opened its 1,500th store in the United States and Domino’s added brighter store interiors with brighter colors and new look.
• In 1998, Dominos opened its 6,000th store in San Francisco, California. Tom Monaghan announced his retirement and gave up ownership of the company to Bain Capital, Inc.
• In 1999, David Brandon is named Chairman and CEO of Domino’s Pizza and the company announced worldwide sales exceeding 3.36 billion. Revenues were up 4.4% from 1998.
• In 2000, Domino’s opened its 2,000th store outside of the United States. Domino’s announced that worldwide sales exceeded 3.54 billion.
• In 2001, Dominos introduced Cinna Stix as a dessert item to its menu. Domino’s 7,000th store opened in Brooklyn,
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