Domoino Pizza

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Domino’s Pizza Domino’s pizza is the second-largest pizza chain in the United States, founded in 1960 by Tom and Jones Monaghan. Domino’s open it first international locations in 1983 in Canada and Australia which lead Domino’s pizza become an international pizza delivery corporation. It has more than 9,300 corporate and franchised stores in 65 international markets and all United State. Problem 1. Domino should maintain low-cost or focusing more health conscious approach which leads to higher price. 2. How can the company maintain efficiency in this high competitive environment which most of the firms provide almost the same product as now Domino is number two in the market. Analysis Five Forces Model Bargaining power of…show more content…
Shift the position to healthier product to capture the new target market which is health conscious. 2. How to maintain the competitive position of its share. A. Increase number of store worldwide to get location advantage to access more customers. B. Build effective online and mobile ordering. Recommendations Firstly, I would recommend that Domino’s Pizza should shift the position to concern in healthier product. As the company has internal weakness in high fat contain and less organic food as well as there is a threat of changing customer habit for food consumption, as doing so, the company will minimize this threat and weakness and develop new strength. Healthier product will become new strength for the company. Moreover, the opportunity of leveraging supply chain & distribution system will help to introduce new product to the market. The new product should contain with organic product and use the local supply such as vegetables that available in the particular country in order to lower cost and maintain freshness. Secondly, I would recommend Domino to build strong and effective mobile and online ordering. As the booming of internet online ordering, Domino can build new strength in this channel which will not only help increase sale, but also help communicate with customer using low cost. Moreover, this channel will access larger number of customers. Conclusion As Domino’s pizza in high
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