Don Delillo White Noise Analysis

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Death is a vapor that seeps through the fissures of life, plunging its way into a person’s existence. Throughout White Noise, Don Delillo uses death to invoke a harrowing fear Jake Gladney and others alike strive to elude. From power to drugs, the terror drives characters to shroud their life with distractions and shields. Jack's influence and power as the chairman of Hitler Studies gives him a sense that a person can be larger than death. Babette’s defense is drugs, attempting to eradicate the fear consuming her. However, these attempts to liberate themselves from fear was ineffective.
In a suburban town, Jack is the chairman in the department of Hitler studies and death is a perpetual thought of his (DeLillo). For example, Jack wakes up at 3:51am in a "death sweat", thinking about death (DeLillo, 47). Furthermore, while looking through family albums, Jack wonders "who will die first" (DeLillo, 30). The fear of death wakes Jack up at night, clouding happiness in a dark mist. As the chairman of Hitler studies, Jack uses Hitler’s image and reputation to create a veil over him in order to feel in control. Jack states that he feels “comfortable with" and "on top of" death after explaining a part of Hitler’s life to a crowd (DeLillo, 74). Moreover, Jack agrees with his friend Murray that “Hitler is larger than death” (DeLillo, 274). This suggests that because Hitler brought forth great death and is still known in modern day, that Jack believes his knowledge of Hitler protects
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