Don Giovanni Opera in Modern Times Essay

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Don Giovanni Opera in Modern Times

Music has the capability to bring forth many emotions and feelings in a person. Depending on the tone and the melody of the music, emotions such as anger, joy, and grief may arise. For example, rap music, in general, brings forth emotions such as anger, frustration, and rage to a person's mind. Melodies such as Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On and Aerosmith's I Don't Want To Miss A Thing often arouse emotions of love, sadness, and hope; "lovey-dovey" feelings which remind a person of a past or current love. In Mozart's Opera Don Giovanni, many emotions and feelings, such as hatred, distress, and sorrow are portrayed and felt through the characters. Opera is a unique genre of spoken word and
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Although her words are brash and unkind (regardless of how just she is in her accusations), the music carries a distinctive rhythm that provokes the feeling of sorrow and pain; thus one finds oneself feeling sympathy for Elvira.
The character of Elvira makes a clear distinction between her sorrow, and her anger. In Act I when Elvira is first introduced as a character, she sings of wanting to kill Don Giovanni because he had lied to her. Falsely promising her his hand in marriage, this only leads to heartache and distress for Elvira because she truly believed that he loved her. Leporello described it, in the Peter Sellars' updated version of Don Giovanni, as a "bad soap opera". Elvira expresses her pain and suffering in these few lines:

"Ah, who can tell me where that wretch has gone? I loved him, to my shame, and he broke his faith to me. If I find him again, and he tries to escape, I'll make a horrible scandal; I'll tear his heart from his breast!" (Act I, 143).

During this scene, Elvira vows to kill Don Giovanni for causing her this grief. She states that "the scoundrel (Don Giovanni) has deceived and betrayed" (Act I, 145) her! She was powerless to his love and gained nothing in return except pain and anguish. One can hear the mixed tone of Elvira's voice; it is strong and full of fury, yet weak and almost tearful.
To accompany her words, Mozart has added a unique blend of classical

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