Don Jackson, The Best Nba Head Coach

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Phillip Jackson is known as one of the best NBA head coaches of all time due to he had to lead the Chicago Bulls to six titles and the Los Angeles Lakers to three titles. Before Phil became known as a great head coach, he was an ordinary athlete. Jackson recruited to North Dakota University basketball team. While attending the college, he helped his team win third-and-fourth-place finishes in the NCAA Division II championships. Coach Jackson understands the only collecting a set of outstanding players will not make a championship team. His approach was the problem or project having components in four different spheres which are Mental, logical, scientific, technical and Systems or how the parts all connect and interact,.Emotional, feelings, intuition, and.Ethical, spiritual and issues of being. Phil Jackson assumes the players have the technical and techniques. Therefore he emphasizes the spiritual in developing the team. Jackson had seven feet plus a former pro player to coach other physical specimens in the finer points of connection magnificent setting. The most important was to understand that the individuals on the team must transform their view of themselves to connect to others to create a synergy of teamwork. Jackson has given the nickname of the “Zen Master” to the game of basketball. In the book Sacred Hoops, Jackson wrote about the motivation, teamwork; moreover, learning how to keep calm in tough situations. In the book of Sacred Hoops, the author

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