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Don John is a Credible Villain Don John is a believable villain because he is a bastard which means that in Elizabethan times Don John would have been seen as evil. Don John’s legitimate brother on the other hand is wealthy and well respected by everyone. Don John hates Claudio because Claudio has taken his position as Don Pedro’s right hand man. Don John even acknowledges his own evil and he also shows no mercy. Don John’s character doesn’t alter throughout the play, meaning he is only there to cause trouble. Don John dislikes Don Pedro because Don John is the illegitimate brother, a bastard child. This means that he isn’t recognised by the court of Messina or by anyone. Although Don John is of royal blood, his royal blood would’ve…show more content…
When the men went to war, Claudio proved himself to Don Pedro. Claudio took the position away from Don John as Don Pedro’s right hand man. This much to Don John’s displeasure, he says to Conrade “He has all the glories of my overthrow”. This means that Claudio is now best friends with Don Pedro and being called a hero by Don Pedro. A characteristic of a credible villain is a motive for their evilness, Don John’s is he is jealous of Claudio’s relationship with his brother. Don John tries to ruin Claudio’s happiness by claming Hero has been unfaithful. Don John also has henchmen, which is another characteristic of a villain. Nowadays, it is hard to understand why it is so horrific that Hero isn’t a virgin(but she was). But in those times being a virgin until marriage was a huge thing. Hero would have been cast out of court and it would have been the end of her life. Although some women would have gone off to be nuns. Don John, knowing what would happen to her; carries out his plan to ruin Hero’s life anyway in order to hurt Claudio. The fact that Don John shows no mercy , is more evidence that he is a credible villain. Don John does not let his emotions get the better of him. Don John is aware of his own evil, he says to Conrade “let it be known that I am a plain dealing villain”. Some could argue that Don John isn’t plain dealing because he is devious. If Don John wasn’t sneaky he wouldn’t really be a

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